Frédéric Mesnier aka FMGuitar - born 1961 near La Rochelle (France west coast) - is a French fingerstyle guitarist and melody maker.

He made himself known in 2006 on YouTube with Medieval Song, one of his very first works for solo guitar. It's an immediate success. The video is shared all over the world and reaches more than 2,5 millions views.

Encouraged by this welcome,  Frédéric records new instrumental pieces and continues to get public support. Among his best-known songs let's mention Medieval Dance, Barock Progressif, Over the Clouds, Romance or The Wedding Waltz. 

Today, FMGuitar YouTube channel presents more than 100 original compositions, with 30k subscribers and 10 millions views.

Self-taught musician, Frédéric started the guitar at the age of 14 with Marcel Dadi's songs. Later he studied the classical repertoire before developping a more personnal style early 2000 with his own compositions.

Frédéric's music, crossing various musical genres, is always melodic and evocative.